Sex Toys Vending Machines Are Here

Bars and nightclubs in London, Manchester, and Newcastle, UK, now carry vending machines selling sex toys for about £5. These fuchsia-pink Tabooboo machines are usually located near toilets to render deliberating customers a modicum of privacy.

However, some hairdressing salons are giving the machines “center stage”. Products available from these unconventional vending machines include mini vibrators, “silicone ticklers”, “lust fingers”, and bottles of “love liquid” (an edible lubricant) and even sex strapons.

Sex Toy Vending Machine

For quite a while guys have been watching gay porn on tapes and DVDs, and then eventually on the Internet. Now men can watch gay video chats online at sites. Men, gay or straight, are used to having sex-on-demand, so to speak. At least, for sex accessories such as chat and video. So it makes sense that sex toys would make it to the on demand world of vending machines.

The Alphabet Bar in London’s West End, host to the first sex toy vending machine in the U.K., claims many people visit especially for the machine, and describes it as a “great success“. Alan Lucas, the managing director of the company behind this enterprise, Tabooboo, suggests that the success of the machines is due to younger people having a more liberal view of sex toys. He stated, “The most popular product is a vibrating rod ring which is something [the man] wears [on his penis]”.

The machines are expected to begin appearing in the U.S. and Italy. Read this post for more information.

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  1. Duggy

    I saw one of these sex toy vending machines in the U.S. In a second-rate hotel I stayed at in Chicago.

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